Throughout the year there are many people who will serve as volunteers to help assist the University in its academic, research, healthcare and public service missions.

Every volunteer must be approved and authorized by a Sponsoring Manager (Faculty, Staff or Administration member). The Sponsoring Manager is responsible for all documentation, supervision and training of the Volunteer.

One of our goals in utilizing volunteers is to protect the volunteers from injury or illness while serving the University. It is important to realize that volunteers are not employees of the University, and they would normally not have the benefit of workers compensation if they were injured while volunteering on behalf of the University. Also, keep in mind that a volunteer could bring a claim or lawsuit against the University and/or a faculty or staff member if the volunteer is injured and the injury is alleged to be caused from negligence by the University or its employees. (i.e. a volunteer sustains an injury in a lab, and afterwards sues the University alleging that he or she did not receive appropriate safety advice or instruction.)

Please see the University's policy on Authorization and Engagement of Volunteers for additional information.

Remember: Volunteers should not be placed in an unsafe situation while serving the University. If there is any concern that volunteers may be volunteering in an unsafe environment or if you will be using volunteers under the age of 16, you should contact our office to discuss the situation.