Research Losses

Coverage and Claim Guidelines for Research Losses up to $100,000

The University's property coverage program includes coverage for research losses. The following information was developed to provide general coverage and claim guidelines to assist researchers and administrators in understanding the coverage and claim process.


  • For covered losses within the University's $100,000 self-insured coverage (minus $1,000 departmental deductible). Larger losses are reviewed and covered by the State's Division of Risk Management.
  • Does not cover keeping the PI competitive.

Intention of the Coverage

  • To bring active research back to its status before the loss.
  • To cover grant money used to get to that point.
  • The claim cap is the original grant money used. Actual coverage up to that cap will be provided for documented expenses.

Claim Requirements

  1. Submission of the Incident Report Form within 24 hours of having discovered the loss and initial estimate of total amount that will be claimed.
  2. Narrative that explains your claim in lay terms to include:
    • Explanation of the research affected by the loss
    • Which grants funded the research that was lost.
    • what was lost
    • How the lost materials affect ongoing research
    • What you plan to do to recover
  3. Grant Proposals and expense logs for prior grants including expenses, material and labor up to the time of the loss.
  4. Overall initial budget to include what you plan to expend over what period of time.
  5. Budget updates to include what you plan to expend over what period of time and how actual work completed compares to what was projected earlier.
  6. Quarterly reports with expense, materials, labor, and current status itemized.
  7. Advances from the coverage will be calculated from 4 & 5 above.
  8. A statement confirming that proposed work is to re-establish the status of the research at the time of loss by recreating the lost research. Any deviations or alternative plans will require written justification for consideration of coverage.
  9. Copies of purchase invoices for damaged, replaceable items and copies of the replacement purchase invoices.


  • Additional documentation may be requested by Property & Liability Risk Management
  • This is a work in progress - coverage may change in the future
  • For additional questions, contact the Office of Property & Liability Risk Management, Email:, Phone: 434-924-3055