Our Mission

The mission of the Office of Property & Liability Risk Management is to support the educational purpose and goals of the University of Virginia as one of the nation's leading institutions of higher learning. By identifying, eliminating, or reducing, where practicable, the conditions and practices which cause financial loss, and by maintaining a comprehensive risk financing program to protect the University against losses that occur, the Office of Property & Liability Risk Management will endeavor to protect the University from financial losses which could impede its mission.

We will accomplish our mission by utilizing proven risk management techniques: identify loss exposures throughout the University, analyze loss exposures to predict potential financial loss to the University, review of loss experience for the University, examine feasible risk management alternatives to reduce and finance losses, implement and monitor selected risk management measures.

The Office of Property & Liability Risk Management values its role as the University's manager of property & liability risks which, left unaddressed, could adversely affect the financial viability of the University and possibly impede its mission as an institution of higher learning. Our desire is to accomplish our mission by meeting specific goals and objectives that are supported by values and guiding principles such as meeting the needs of people, supporting the educational goals of the University, providing effective and timely service, promoting ethics and integrity through our work, encouraging personal growth of staff, and practicing good communication within and outside the department.