Auto Incident/Accident Claim

How to Report an Auto Incident/Accident Claim

(State Owned, Rented or Leased Vehicles)

Automobile accidents should be reported directly and immediately to:

  • University of Virginia Property & Liability Risk Management, 434-924-3055
    and one of the following:
  • University Police, 434-924-7166
    (if the accident occurred on Grounds)
  • or
  • Virginia State Police
    (if the accident occurred off Grounds, but in Virginia)
  • or
  • Appropriate local or state police
    (if the accident occurred out of state)


An Automobile Loss Notice must be completed and sent to UVa Property & Liability Risk Management within 24 hours of the incident. A copy of the police report must also be provided to UVa Property & Liability Risk Management. Police reports from the State of Virginia and UVa Police are automatically sent to the Office of Property & Liability Risk Management. If the incident has perceived damages exceeding $5,000 or anytime bodily injury occurs, please follow the additional recommendations for Major Accidents.

Instructions for Completing Auto Loss Notice Form

Auto Info Card


Restitution and Recovery from Third Parties for Departmental Damage

The Office of Property & Liability Risk Management is the administrative office responsible for restitution and recovery of departmental damage or loss done by third parties as outlined in University Policy FIN-008. The Office of Property & Liability Risk Management administers all such claims, ensuring restitution is received when possible, and that departments receive all the restitution collected in a timely manner. By being the office responsible for recoveries from third parties, the Office of Property & Liability Risk Management can compile statistics on third party damages/losses and recoveries for the University. While Departments bear the responsibility for reporting as instructed in University Policy FIN-008, Internal Audit in cases of embezzlement, and the University Police will also play an integral role in advising the Office of Risk Management of complaints involving damage or loss to UVA-owned property. Also, in criminal cases, University Police will advise the Commonwealth Attorney that restitution will be requested from the court in conjunction with the Office of Property & Liability Risk Management, and all restitution is to be directed to the University of Virginia Office of Property & Liability Risk Management P.O. Box 400205 Charlottesville VA 22904 4205. Departments incurring damages are responsible for following all reporting instructions contained in University Policy FIN-008, and providing the assistance requested.