Property & Liability Risk Management Advice

The Office of Property & Liability Risk Management’s mission is to support the educational purpose and goals of the University of Virginia in part by identifying, eliminating, or reducing, where practical, the conditions and practices, which cause financial loss. Providing advice to the University community is an integral part of this support. The University community is encouraged to seek advice from the Office of Property & Liability Risk Management for insurance questions or concerns, liability issues, student trips, leasing vehicles or equipment, University functions, and financial loss exposures that might affect the University and its employees or agents.

The following are a few examples of the many types of situations for which it is appropriate to seek property & liability risk management advice, followed by links for general advice on these subjects:

  • Academic Field Trips - When planning required or voluntary field trips for academic classes. Academic Field Trips
  • Activities - Planning for an inherently risky activity that presents a potential for bodily injury or property damage to the University's students, employees, visitors, or property.
  • Contracts - When entering into an agreement of any sort that involves insurance, hold harmless, or indemnification language. It should be noted that the normal contract review process, such as through Procurement Services, the Comptroller's Office, Sponsored Programs, or the Medical Center's Procurement or Contract Offices, will normally incorporate the appropriate level of advice from the Office of Property & Liability Risk Management before the agreement is signed by an authorized signatory. Contract ReviewPolicy FIN-036 University Contracts
  • Hazardous Exposures - Planned changes to the physical environment at the University that present potential risks as well as current situations that present potentially dangerous situations that could benefit from risk expertise in order to assess the need for remedial action.
  • International Activities - International activities on behalf of the University, such as student academic programs in another country or programs being conducted by University faculty in another country. International Insurance. International Studies Office
  • Non-University Activities - Requests for events being held by others on University owned or rented property.
  • Property Losses - There are steps that can be taken to help mitigate financial loss in a property claim such as:  maintaing an inventory and prevention measures.
  • Vehicle Use - Vehicle travel involving student drivers, larger passenger vehicles, overnight or extended drive periods, or other risky vehicular travel situations. Vehicle Use PolicyDriver Safety Recommendations, 15-Passenger Vans (Note: use is banned)
  • Vendors - Events that involve utilizing outside vendor products or services, in order to ensure the vendor is maintaining the appropriate level of insurance coverage. Policy FIN-036 University Contracts
  • Volunteers/Visitors - When planning for visitors or volunteers who will be exposed to areas of the University that could be hazardous, such as laboratories. Volunteers, University Volunteers Form 1, University Volunteers Form 2

To receive advice you may contact the main office email:, or phone: 434-924-3055 for assistance.