15-Passenger Vans & Alternatives

15-Passenger Vans:

The use of 15-passenger vans are prohibited per University policy:  15 Passenger Van Policy

Modified Vans:

Be careful not to use vehicles (small buses or vans) that are basically modified 15-passenger vans with only cosmetic changes and not safety modifications. Any vehicle which is basically a commercial "cutaway" vehicle with an E-350, E-250, 3500, or 2500 chassis (15-passenger van chassis) should have dual rear wheels (two wheels on each end of the rear axle) to promote greater vehicle stability or meet Federal school bus safety regulations Title 49 Part 571 Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards* (with the exception of regulations #108 involving school bus lights, and #131 involving school bus stop bars). These vehicles typically have 15-passenger van front ends with the remainder of the passenger body "cut away" and replaced with a larger body. Note: if the primary purpose is for the transportation of high school and younger students, it is required that the vehicle meet Federal school bus safety regulations (*To ensure that a vehicle meets this standard, ask the leasing agency to verify that the bus meets the standad.

Ford Transit Vans:

Since these vans offer multiple seat configuration options, it is recommended that only the 12-passenger van with the low roof style of this vehicle be used. Be careful not to use the high or medium roof versions of these vehicles even with the dual rear wheels.

Charter Services:

Departments should make certain that the company being hired has the appropriate insurance. It is recommended that the company have the following: Automobile Liability: $10,000,000 each accident minimum limit of liability for all owned, hired, and non-owned vehicles. General Liability: $1,000,000 per occurrence minimum limit of liability. Workers Compensation per statutory requirement, and Employers' Liability: $1,000,000 minimum limit of liability. It would be appropriate to ask them to provide you with a certificate of insurance as evidence of coverage. You may email or fax (434-982-2635) these to the Property & Liability Risk Management Office for review and advice. If you use the University's bus charter service through the Department of Parking and Transportation, no insurance verification or certificates are necessary. Questions regarding procurement guidelines for such activities should be referred to Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services.